The Membership and Expansion Committee (appointed) shall study and make recommendations related to membership and expansion of chapters and councils.

The committee shall provide assistance to chapters and coordinating councils referred by the state president.

The committee shall evaluate the recommendations of persons proposed for state honorary membership and submit the names of qualified candidates for vote by the state executive board.

The committee shall maintain necrology records and plan a memorial service for each state convention.

The state treasurer and chair of the coordinating council committee shall serve as ex-officio members without vote.

2017-2019 Membership and Expansion Committee Members

Chair: Shirley McCoy
Alpha Nu, Quander Northern Virginia Coordinating Council
Email Address:

Member: Doris Bland

Beta, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council

Email Address:

Member: Stephanie Brooks

Beta Chi, South Central Coordinating Council

Email Address:

 Member: Alicia Jones

Alpha Psi, Lonesome Pine Coordinating Council

Email Address:


Member: Pamela Ward

Alpha Nu, Quander Northern Virginia Coordinating Council

Email Address:


2013-2015 United Nations Biennium Report
 2015-2017 Membership and Expansion Committee Action Plan
2013-2015 Membership and Expansion Biennium Report 2015-2017 Membership and Expansion Committee Biennium Report
2013-2015 United Nations Biennium Report 2015-2017 Members with 50+ Years of Membership

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