The Personnel Committee (appointed) shall screen applicants and recommend candidates to the state executive board when a personnel position is to be filled.

The committee shall determine the requirements and qualifications for state staff positions, i.e., the executive secretary, editor, treasurer, webmaster, and only other compensated staff positions.

The committee shall recommend reappointment/renewal of staff contracts based on biennial evaluations of IOTA State staff.

2017-2019 Personnel Committee

Chair: Sharon Wheeler 
Iota, Roanoke-Kentron Coordinating Council
Email Address:

Carol B

Member: Carol Blauvelt 
Alpha Mu, Quander Northern Virginia Coordinating Council
Email Address:


Member: Sharon Garrett
Beta, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council
Email Address:


2016-18 Biennium Report for Chapter Presidents 2017-2019 Personnel Committee Action Plan
2013-2015 Personnel Report 2015-2017 Personnel Committee Biennium Report
2015-2017 Personnel Committee Action Plan 2015-2017 Personnel Committee Action Plan

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