The Rules Committee (appointed) shall receive all proposals for amending the IOTA State Bylaws and Standing Rules and present proposals to the executive committee for study and recommendations to the state executive board. The committee shall consist of up to five (5) members. The parliamentarian and the editor shall serve as ex officio members, without vote.

The state president and/or the state executive secretary shall submit the state bylaws and standing rules to the International Constitution Committee for review each biennium.

The committee shall review chapter rules and coordinating council rules submitted biennially. The committee shall interpret the IOTA State Bylaws and Standing Rules as requested by members, committees, state boards, and/or officers.

The committee shall update for publication the IOTA State Bylaws and Standing Rules as revised and/or amended at the state convention.

2017-2019 Rules Committee

Chair: Tondalaya W. VanLear
Alpha Beta
, Roanoke-Kentron Coordinating Council


Member: Sally Wheat
Gamma Gamma, Ellinor G. PrestonCoordinating Council
Email Address:


Member: Peggy Lankenau

Gamma Sigma, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council

Email Address: 


Member: Susan H. Meyer

Alpha Beta, Roanoke-Kentron Coordinating Council

Email Address:


Golden Gift - Current and Background Information NEW!!  Form for Proposed Amendments 2018

 Golden Gift - Current and Background Information 2017-2019 Rules Committee Action Plan

Table of Contents By-Laws - 2015 Table of Contents By-Laws - 2015

By-Laws - 2015 By-Laws - 2015

Table of Contents Standing Rules - 2015 Standing Rules Adopted 2017

 Conflict of Interest Policy  Conflict of Interest Policy 

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