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Virginia, IOTA State

BRAND - Build Relationships Aligned in New Directions 

2687 key women educators in Virginia

The IOTA State Nominations Committee announces the state officer slate for the upcoming biennium, 2017-2019. The highly qualified nominees required careful deliberations to establish the slate, and the committee worked diligently not only to provide the best possible candidate for each position but to recognize the unique talents of each of the nominees as well. The slate which will be presented at the April convention, is given below. It should be noted that nominations can also be made from the floor during the convention. Short biographies and photos of the listed candidates will be published in the spring edition of The Bridge. 


2017-2019 Slate Report by the 2015-2017 Nominations Committee 2017-2019 Slate Report by the 2015-2017 Nominations Committee

Lobby Day Registration Lobby Day Registration (Due January 16, 2017)


Congratulations to:

Cathy Daugherty - Delta Kappa Gamma International Society's 2016 International Achievement Award Recipient


Sharon Garrett - Virginia, IOTA State's Star of the Southeast 


Dr. LeAnn Bunch, Alpha Iota Chapter, 2016 DKG International Society

Golden Gift Recipient


Officers Installed for 2015-2017 Biennium

President:  Linda M. Hall

1st Vice President:  Vicki S. Newburn

2nd Vice President:  Dr. Mary M. Mehaffey

Recording Secretary:  Becky J. Riebeling

Corresponding Secretary: Sheila M. Hommema

Immediate Past President: Susan Doughty

Parliamentarian: Cathy Daugherty


Virginia, IOTA State members who were present at the group photograph session at the 2016 Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

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