Recipients of 2018 Scholarships

 BrooksStephanie BrooksBeta Chi, Piedmont CC,$1,500, Katharine B. Woodward Scholarship, Autism Certificate, Lynchburg College


 Amy Brown Amy BrownAlpha, Peninsula CC, $1,500, Emily Nelson Scholarship, Ed.S. & Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction, Liberty University


Chelyse Miller Chelyse MillerGamma Zeta, Tidewater CC, $1,500, Founders Scholarship, Educational Leadership Endorsement, Regent University


Kendall HuceKendal Meyers HolceOmega, Tidewater CC, $1,500, Founders Scholarship, Ed.S. in Leadership, Old Dominion University


Recipients of the 2018 IOTA State Stipends to Benefit Educators and Students

Ardene BunchDr. Ardene BunchAlpha Rho, Tidewater CC, $200, Attend and present at National Association of Gifted Children conference


Keitha HaveyKeitha HaveyGamma Zeta, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $200, Let's Get Reading: One Book, One School


Sheila HommemaSheila HommemaAlpha Kappa, New River Coordinating Council, $175, Learning with a Magic Touch


Laura HughesLaura HughesGamma Sigma, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $175, Diverse Library for a Diverse Group of Students


Kendall HuceKendall Hulce, Omega, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $100, Touch Point Math


Erica JohnsonErica JohnsonLambda, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $175, Classroom Ease with an Easel


Pamela KnechtPamela KnechtAlpha Rho, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $200, From Olympics to Democracy: It's All Greek to Me!


Erin LongErin LongAlpha, Peninsula Coordinating Council, $175, 3-D Printing for Rehabilitative Purposes


Crystal McArtanCrystal McArtanGamma Sigma, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $175, Active Seating for Active Students with Active Minds


Glenda Clark MotleyGlenda Clark-MotleyBeta Chi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $200, Attend CTAUN as the United Nations Liaison for IOTA State


Suzanna MullinsSuzanna MullinsAlpha Psi, Lone Pine Coordinating Council, $200,Creating virtual field trips for American History


Adrian NesterAdrian Nester, Epsilon, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $200, Attend Raising Student Voice NCTE Conference


Regina RevelsRegina RevelsGamma Sigma, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $100, Classroom in the Courtyard


Lois RoyLois RoyAlpha Mu, Quander-Northern Virginia CC, $175, Attend Support for Professional Volunteers (VATESOL) Convention


SamanthaSamantha ScialdoPsi, Roanoke Kentron Coordinating Council, $175, Support for Drama Club


Debra ShapiroDebra ShapiroAlpha Theta, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $175, STEAMing Ahead 


Dawn SherwoodDawn SherwoodGamma Chi, Ellinor G. Preston CC, $200, Attend conference on Critical Thinking


Recipients of 2017 Scholarships

Francine Davis,Phi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $1,000, Founders Scholarship, Endorsement, Educational Leadership, Longwood University.

Susie MilamPhi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $1,500, Emily Nelson Scholarship, Masters, Administration and Supervision, Averett University.

Lavada MuncyAlpha Upsilon, Lonesome Pine Coordinating Council, $2,000, Katharine B. Woodward Scholarship, Ed.D., with concentration, C&*, Carson-Newman University.

Tracey NipperBeta Pi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $1,500, Founders Scholarship, Masters, Leadership: Teaching and Learning, Liberty University.

Kathryn PoolPhi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $1,500, Founders Scholarship, Masters, Educational Leadership, Lynchburg College.


Recipients of the 2017 IOTA State Stipends to Benefit Educators and Students

Sandra BarkleyAlpha Epsilon, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $300 for Project: "Drawing on a Memory" supplies and materials.

Regina CohenAlpha Rho, Tidewater Coordinating Council, $500 for Project: "Roman Influence on Modern Society" supplies and materials.

Annette FergusonPhi, Piedmont Coordinating Council, $394 for Project: "Outside the Library Box" learning center materials.

Susan McAuliffe, Susan MontgomeryOmicron, Peninsula Coordinating Council, $500 for Project: "Recumbent Bicycles for Students with Disabilities."

Regina RevelsGamma Sigma, Ellinor G. Preston Coordinating Council, $495 for Project: "Pursuing National Board Certification."






International Recognitions/Awards/Scholarships/Publications - 2017- 2019



The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin and Collegial Exchange


Cathy P. Daugherty, 2017-2019 DKG International Presidental Nominee, 2017-2019 IOTA State Parliamentarian, member of Alpha Alpha, Article: "From 'Bom Dia' to 'Hasta Luego'!"(2017, Volume 84-2, The Delta Kappa Gamma Collegial Exchange.

Dr. Mary M. MehaffeyGamma Epsilon, Tidewater Coordinating Council, Article, "Differently Led by Millennials," Winter 2017, Volume 84-2, p. 32.

Suzanne MullinsAlpha Psi, Lonesome Pine Coordinating Council, Poem, " Legacy of an Educator," Winter 2017, Volume 84-2, p. 41. 

Dr. Tess StockslagerIota, Roanoke-Kentron Coordinating Council, Article "Seeing Oneself and Others in Children's Literature," Winter 2017, Volume 84-2, pp. 11-12.    





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